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premier evolvics pvt. ltd. (formerly Premier Polytronics Pvt. Ltd.) is a fast emerging leader in the field of quality testing and on-line monitoring and services for the textile industry worldwide. Premier has a strong focus on Research and Development and works with several leading edge technologies to offer technologically superior products to its customers.

Premier Evolvics is a part of the $ 210Mn Premier Mills group, Coimbatore, India. Premier commenced operation in 1983, manufacturing products under license from Zellweger Uster AG, Switzerland, and marketing them within India. Since 1996, Premier is independently developing, manufacturing and marketing its products to the textile industry worldwide.

Textile Division
evolvics Division
Premier provides a complete range of solutions for the textile industry to improve Quality and Productivity, focusing on the following distinct areas of manufacturing:
Fiber Testing Equipment
Yarn Testing Equipment
Yarn Clearing Systems
On-Line Quality And Production Monitoring Systems For Spinning & Weaving
Mill Management Solution

Premier has established a worldwide sales and service network in more than 45 countries, which includes Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Its Chinese subsidiary, Premier Jiangsu Textile Electronic Co Ltd., was established in June 2004 to service the Chinese market. Premier's After Sales Support System consists of engineers and spare-parts stationed at strategic points around the world. This network is further enhanced with an Internet based fault diagnosis system in-built into its products, with which it is possible for engineers at its Headquarters to diagnose and solve the most complicated issues.

With world-class quality standards and user-friendly features in the products, supported by a competent and responsive service team, Premier's products have gained worldwide market acceptance. The technologically advanced products and services will also now be available in new business areas of machine vision systems, Security and Identification systems and similar technology oriented areas.

Premier Evolvics Pvt. Ltd., foray in the field of Machine Vision Systems is born out of the understanding of the exacting needs of various Process Industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverage, Automotive Components and Engineering to name a few.


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